department of ChemistryP.M.B. Gujarati Science College, Indore


This is one of the oldest and largest department of the college established in 1951. Dr. S.G. Khandekar was the first appointed head who continued to be in chair up to 1988 rendering his services for about 40 years. He also witnessed the introduction of P.G. Classes in 1974. Thereafter, the department was headed by Dr. M.L. Gangwal, Dr. S. M. Chitnis, Professor K. B. Agarawal. & Dr. R. G. Varma. Presently Dr. Kumud Modi is head of the Department. The contribution of retired Professors Dr. M. A. Khan, Prof. G. G. Johari is also noteworthy. Prof. A. G. Patel & Dr. J. D. Dave were senior faculty members who resigned after rendering their long services in this department for about 25 years. Prof. Shailja Bhagwat was also an eminent faculty member who passed away in 1998. These eminent professors were the key persons who brought the department to the stage as we see it now, well set, well organized & well equipped in terms of lab facilities.

Courses Run By Department

  1. M.Sc. (Chemistry) with intake capacity of 40 students.
  2. B.Sc. with intake capacity of 60 students, in each group.

Our Faculty Members

Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience Awards Appoint Status
Dr. R. G. Varma Professor, Ex -Head M.Sc., Ph.D., FICS, MIAHPS 40 Years Subject Expert: BOS in Chemistry Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore
Subject Expert : BOS in Chemistry Govt. P. G. Girls College, Indore
Member : BOS in Chemistry, DAVV, Indore
Dr. Smt. Kumud Modi Asst.Professor, Head M.Sc., Ph. D. 39 Years 1st Position in M.Sc.(Prev.), 2nd Position in M.Sc. UGC
Mr. R. B. Patel Asst.Professor M.Sc. 37 Years   UGC
Dr. A.K. Gharia Asst.Professor M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D., MIAHPS 36 Years Gold Medal in M. Sc. UGC
Dr. B. P. Yadav Asst.Professor M.Sc. , Ph. D. 36 Years   UGC
Dr. Smt. Savita Shukla Asst.Professor M.Sc., Ph. D. 36 Years   UGC
Dr. Smt. Kiran Dixit Asst.Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. 35 Years 3rd Position in University (M. Sc.) UGC
Mr. Ketan Topiwala Asst.Professor M.Sc. (Ph.D. Notification Due) 23 Years UGC
Smt. P. Desai Asst.Professor M.Sc., B. Ed. 19 Years 3rd Position in University (M. Sc.) UGC
Dr. Smt. Rushina Natu Asst.Professor M.Sc., B. Ed, Ph.D. 20 Years   SGS
Dr. Dhananjay Dwivedi Asst.Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. 15 Years   SGS
Miss. Reetika Shah Asst.Professor M.Sc. 02 Years   SGS
Smt. Rashmi Sharma Asst.Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. (Pursuing) 01 Years   SGS

Authors Of Books & Practical Manual

Many Professors are and were actively involved in writing Books, Practical Manual etc.

  • Dr. R. G. Varma & Dr. A. K. Gharia are the author of “Lecture notes in Chemistry” Ram Prasad & Sons Publication Agra.
  • Dr. A. K. Gharia & Dr. Kiran Dixit are the authors in text-book of Chemistry for B.Sc. III year “Ram Prasad & Sons Publication-Agra.
  • Dr. A. K. Gharia & Dr. Dhananjay Dwivedi are the authors in text-book of Chemistry for B.Sc. I & III year “Ram Prasad & Sons Publication- Agra.
  • Apart from this Practical Manual were developed by almost all faculty members, Dr. R.G. Varma, Dr. Kumud Modi, Shri R.B. Patel, Dr. A.K. Gharia, Dr. Savita Shukla, Dr. Kiran Dixit, Shri Ketan Topiwala, Smt. Pragna Desai, Dr. Rushina Natu, Dr. Dhananjay Dwivedi for B.Sc. I, II & III year in both Hindi & English.
  • A Practical Manual of Organic Chemistry was developed for M. Sc. Previous (2nd Sem.) by Dr. R.G. Varma & Dr. Kiran Dixit.
  • A Resource Book of Organic Chemistry Practical’s for P.G. students was written by Dr. R.G. Varma, Dr. Kiran Dixit & Miss. Reetika Shah.

Academic Activities

This Department works regularly as per its Academic Calendar. Theory and practical classes begin on 5th July every Year. Some of our routine activities are :

  • Regular Internal Evaluation CCE and Project Work.
  • Seminar (delivered by students of both M.Sc. Previous and M.Sc. Final) held in Sept-Oct.
  • Visiting Lectures (Delivered by resource persons)
  • Regular test, Pre-University for P.G. Student for both Theory & Practical.
  • Pre-University Test for B.Sc. students both for theory & practical.
  • Work Assignment & its checking time to time.
  • Educational tours.
  • Extra classes for P.G. students when required.
  • Local industrial visits, specially chemical industries.


This department occupies about 564.09 Sq. m. area in the main building of the college. This is located on first floor right in front of Principal’s office. Two big laboratories with capacity about 70 & 50 students are there along with a Laboratory of Instrumentation for both U.G. & P.G. students. Two Balance rooms of capacity 20 students & a well furnished seminar hall is the important asset of this department. A huge store room along with large number of chemicals magnifies its strength. We have sophisticated instruments such as Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Polarograph, Polarimeter, pH meter, Colorimeter, Spectionic 20, Refractometer, Potentiometer, Conductometers & Nephlometer which are being used by both students & researchers. About hundred Chemical balances, Electronic balance OHP, Melting Point instruments & a Computer are also available.

We also have a Departmental Library for the Staff & M. Sc. Students. Many books of Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Spectroscopy, etc.) by renowned authors are available.


For academic upliftment, many of us participate regularly in orientation and refresher courses. Apart from this, we organized a national seminar on:

  • Group Theory & Spectroscopy
  • Drug
  • A small work shop on “Chemical Analysis of Food Stuffs” adulteration was organized. The interesting feature of this workshop was that the practical & necessary information was delivered by P.G. students.
  • A seminar sponsored by UGC on Recent advances in Spectroscopic methods was successful.
  • A National Seminar on “Rediscovering Popular Dimension in Chemistry” was organized in Dec. 2011, sponsored by UGC, CRO Bhopal & Shri Gujarati Samaj.
  • 10 days training program to “Enhance Employable Skill in Pharmaceutical Industry” to fresh Graduates / Students in Pharma Life Science was also organized by Indore Pharma Manufacture Cluster Association (IPMCA) & Modern Institute of Training & Development (MITD) in coordination with P. M. B. Gujarati Science College.

New proposals have been sent to UGC, CRO Bhopal.

Research & Projects

Dr. R.G. Varma, Dr. Kumud Modi, Dr. A.K. Gharia are registered as Ph.D. guides.

Dr. R.G. Varma, Dr. Kumud Modi, Dr. A.K. Gharia, Mr. Ketan Topiwala, Dr. Rushina Natu, Dr. Dhananjay Dwivedi & Smt. Rashmi Sharma are involved in research activities.

Awards received by students