department of MicrobiologyP.M.B. Gujarati Science College, Indore


To impart practical skills by focussing on technical aspects of Microbiology and to shape the overall personality of students through scientific approach.


To teach with passion for cultivating a scientific outlook in students and to instil human values in them.


As science and technology developed by leaps and bounds, new avenues of study and research ushered in. To keep in pace with the changing scenario the visionaries of Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore and the administration of P.M.B. Gujarati Science College, decided to bring in new subjects for increased employment possibilities for students. Thus, Microbiology was introduced in the college at B.Sc. level in the year 1989.

The response to the subject was overwhelming. The student intake is about 180 and keeping this in view, the Post Graduate programme was introduced in the year 2007. The intake capacity of the M.Sc. Microbiology course is 20 students.

The natural corollary of introducing Microbiology was moving on to the next step i.e. introducing Biotechnology course in 2003. The department of Microbiology took the initiative of running the B.Sc. Biotechnology course from 2003 to 2012.

The Microbiology department has constantly upgraded itself ever since and diversified its activities. Our students are placed in various walks of life, be it in industries, medical field or academics.

The department deeply acknowledges the contribution of its former Head, Dr. Bhavesh Patel, whose efforts and vision has helped in bringing glory to the department.

Microbiology Laboratory

The Microbiology laboratory has been meticulously designed by keeping in mind the experimental needs of the subject. Our laboratory has state of the art facilities to satisfy the curriculum need. This well equipped laboratory is enriched with a wide range of basic and advanced instruments including- UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Fermentor, PCR unit, Gel Documentation system, Sonicator, Cooling centrifuges, Laminar air flow, Projection Microscope, Orbital shaking incubator, Electronic balances, Membrane filtration assembly, Electrophoresis set up etc.

Various Courses Run By Department

  1. M.Sc. (Micro-Biology) with intake capacity of 20 students.
  2. B.Sc. with intake capacity of 180 students.

Our Faculty Members

Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience Awards Appoint Status
Dr. Nandini Phanse Asst.Professor, Head M.Sc., Ph. D., PG Diploma in Nano Bio-Technology, 23 Years Rank holder of Pune University. (2nd Rank) UGC
Ms. Mahima Golani Asst.Professor M.Sc. 16 Years   SGS
Ms. Kiran Paliwal Asst.Professor M.Sc. 10 Years   SGS
Ms. Smriti Chouhan Asst.Professor M.Sc. 05 Years SGS
Ms. Devshree Joshi - Lohiya Asst.Professor M.Sc. 03 Years M.Sc. Exam - University Rank 4th SGS
Ms. Mona Bhatnagar Asst.Professor M.Sc. 03 Years   SGS
Ms. Amruta Chincholikar - Geed Asst.Professor M.Sc. 02 Years M.Sc. Exam - University Rank 6th SGS
Ms. Leena Sheth Asst.Professor M.Sc. 02 Years SGS
Ms. Shivalika Khode Asst.Professor M.Sc. 01 Years M.Sc. Exam - University Rank 3 SGS

Teaching Methodology

We, at the department of Microbiology, strive to impart knowledge, technical skills and inculcate values in students by adopting a student-centered approach to learning. Innovative teaching practices of the department include-

  • Emphasis on techno-savvy teaching methods by adopting ICT for teaching with the use of audio-visual teaching aids.
  • Special measures to uplift the Hindi medium students by providing them the Hindi version of words & terms commonly used in Microbiology. A mini dictionary of these translated terms is distributed to these students.
  • Arranging Zero periods /extra classes with the aim for exam oriented preparation. Preparatory classes for practical viva-voce are held.
  • Inviting experts for lectures- Organizing lectures by experts from various fields of microbiology helps in providing an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Sharing research experiences from these experts is also an interesting interaction for the staff members.
  • Student feedback-The department of microbiology has set a trend of taking regular feedback from students with respect to all academic activities. Efforts are taken to implement the suggestions and other feedback given by students, thus paving a way for self improvement.

Student Savvy Endeavours

The Microbiology department organizes a host of co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the benefit of students.

To unveil talent of students, the department regularly organizes enrichment activities like subject oriented debates, quiz contests, poster & slogan competitions.

Students encouraged to deliver seminars and perform projects. The seminars have proved beneficial in alleviating the stage fear of students & also increasing their subject knowledge. Performing projects pertaining to the syllabus has found to encourage independent practical work management amongst students.

Skill development programmes are organised to inculcate employability skills among students.

Career guidance seminars and skill oriented lectures focusing on letter writing, resume writing, personality development, interview preparation are organised.

Seminars Organized

The department has the privilege of organizing various seminars in the past few years.

  1. A seminar on “Exploring dimensions of Pharmaceutical Microbiology” was organized for M. Sc. - Microbiology students in March 2012.
  2. A Regional Seminar on “Recent Advances in Microbial Biotechnology” which was sponsored by UGC (CRO) was organized by the department in October 2005.
  3. A National Seminar on “50 Golden Years of DNA Model Discovery” was hosted by the department in Feb.2004. This seminar was sponsored by NCSTC, DST, New Delhi, MAPCOST, Bhopal.
  4. Career Guidance seminars are also arranged wherein; experts from various field of Microbiology guide our students to select various career options.

Educational Tours

Industrial visits and educational tours are a vital part of a curriculum as they to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real working world. To provide an insight into the working environment of the industry, the department regularly arranges such visits for enriching the practical concepts of students.

Research Acctivities

The staff members are actively engaged in research activities. Four Minor Research Projects sponsored by UGC have been completed and there is one on-going project.. The research work of faculty and students has been published from time to time.

Bonding With Parents

Parent-teacher meetings are arranged so as to have a healthy discussion concerning the welfare of students.

Our Contribution To The Society

  • Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)
  • -Because We Care…- Our Health awareness campaign

    Microbiology, being a health related science, the department takes steps to create awareness about various diseases like Ebola Viral disease, swine flu, AIDS, dengue, tuberculosis etc.

    During the recent Ebola outbreak, an Ebola awareness campaign was organised during which pamphlets (in Hindi) on facts about Ebola were distributed in public interest to students and to the public in various areas of the city.

  • Gift Compassion- An initiative to celebrate “The Joy of giving week”

    Besides curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities which are undertaken for the overall development of students, the department of microbiology also strives to sensitize students and inculcate values of caring and sharing in them.

    The microbiology department, has taken the initiative under the banner of- Gift Compassion, to celebrate “The Joy of giving week”. In this campaign, staff and students of Microbiology department voluntarily contributed stationary, clothes and other useful items. This collection is donated to orphanages, old age homes etc.

    This activity of collective individual action helpes to create compassion in our students. Through this gesture we wish to sensitize students and inculcate values of caring.

“Take care of minutes for the hours will take care of themselves”. - Keeping these lines in mind, the department of Microbiology is dedicated in providing quality education to students by exploring their talent at the right time of their life. We believe in widening horizons of students by providing them opportunities through various activities.